The ESTA conference in Vienna is approaching with an agenda that should be of high interest to everybody involved in cash logistics.

Shall we see you there?

Latest trends and innovative technology – the CashCon 2019 in Frankfurt gave a good overview on recent developments in the cash logistics field. We have been sponsors and exhibitors to this event. Thank you very much for interesting discussions and insightful debates at our booth!

Based in Vienna, we are delighted that the ESTA conference 2019 will be held in this wonderful city! Like in previous years, we will be sponsors and exhibitors to this event: May 19-21, Hotel InterContinental.

Only a few days left until the CashCon starts!

Visit us in the exhibition area (booth 10) to find out more on CashPilot©ATM and what our new booth looks like!

Excited to announce that – for the first time – we will be sponsoring the CashCon!
Visit Sautner&Partner and the CashPilot products at their booth in the exhibition area!
The conference will be held 23.-24. Jan 2019 at the Dorint Main Taunus Zentrum Frankfurt/Sulzbach.

Thank you to all who visited our booth on the ESTA conference in Budapest.

It was a great opportunity for us to present the CashPilot products, share our thoughts on current developments in the cash logistics industry and to find new and renew existing relationship. Looking forward to next year’s event in Vienna!

Looking forward to the ESTA conference in Budapest next week!

As in recent years, Sautner & Partner will be a sponsor to this event and will present the CashPilot products in the exhibition during the conference.

The ESTA will be held 13-15 May in Budapest.

ATM Reconciliation

There is still a large potential of cost saving in the ATM Cash Management process: with an automated reconciliation, working hours will shrink and errors and discrepancies will be minimized!

Contact us to download the presentation How to boost efficiency into ATM cash management: with reconciliation and learn more about the widely unexploited cost saving potentials of an automated reconciliation!

The ICCOS 2018 in Dublin has been a memorable event and we are proud of having been sponsors!

A great opportunity to get the latest news on innovations in the cash logistics industry and to make stakeholders aware of the importance of keeping cash available in society and making the handling and processing of cash cost optimized and more effective.

European Cash Cycle Seminar 2017 in Budapest. Breakout Meeting Information
As a Silver Sponsor of the European Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS), Sautner&Partner are happy to present the topic of their upcoming Breakout Meeting: ATM Cost Optimisation during Low-Interest Periods. The ICCOS event will be held March 20-23.

Sautner&Partner in Currency News
Read the article on Sautner&Partner and the CashPilot Software products in the latest edition of Currency News: The Cost of Cash – can a Pilot increase Efficiency?

As in recent years, Sautner&Partner will be Silver Sponsor of the European Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS). Visit our Exhibition and attend our Breakout Meeting in Budapest, March 20-23.

Australian ATMs – Johannes Sautner presented “Challenges of ATM Cost Optimization”
Founder and Managing Director Johannes Sautner presented an acclaimed speech on ATM Cost optimization during the ATMIA conference in August 2016 in Sydney. Contact us for the download!

CashPilot©CIT – Next Generation on Android
Sautner&Partner is happy to announce that the next generation of the tracking&tracing software has been successfully launched at 2 CITs in Austria! New Android-based mobile devices, from smartphones to high-end professional devices, are now supported by CashPilot©CIT! Experience real-time safebag tracking for more transparency, efficiency and security!

Sautner&Partner will be on ESTA 2016!
This year’s ESTA conference will be held May 22-24 in Marbella, Spain. Sautner&Partner will present the brand-new CashPilot©CIT generation featuring real-time tracking & tracing on Android-supported mobile devices.

ICCOS Europe 2016, Feb.15-18:
This year, the topic of Sautner & Partner’s presentation will be: “ATM cost optimization – how it really works”.
Based on the more than a decade-long experience with CashPilotATM for more than 6.500 ATMs and 20 commercial banks, Sautner & Partner will give an overview of major costs and discuss potentials and measures in order to reduce them.
BREAKOUT MEETING Session I, Feb.16, 11:40am, Sala VII

New office!
Sautner&Partner is moving into a bigger office! We stay in the wonderful Art-Deco building “Golden House” by Otto Wagner but will have much more space.

By Jan. 14, our postal address will be:
Koestlergasse 1/31
1060 Wien