CIT Real-time Tracking

Cash-in-transit Tracking & Tracing & More – now on Android devices!

The new generation of CashPilot®CIT has been recently launched, featuring real-time tracking&tracing for CIT companies on state-of-the-art Android-based mobile terminals from smartphones to high-end professional devices!

CashPilot®CIT is a tracking&tracing software for safebag tracking providing real-time evidence of consignments processing and location along your complete value chain. Furthermore, CashPilot®CIT is a business solution for cash in transit professionals who seek to comply with regulations, reduce administrative overhead and drive productivity in their logistics.

The tracking&tracing software CashPilot®CIT provides data for invoicing and payroll accounting, thus enabling you to automate business processes and gather all the data you need to populate your Logistics KPI Dashboard with stop frequency, time spent by client (servicing and walking), route duration and distance driven by type of vehicle, region and services, just to name a few of the possibilities that the tracking&tracing software CashPilot®CIT offers.

Experience real-time safebag tracking for more transparency, efficiency and security!

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