Route Optimizer for CIT & ATM

CashPilot®OSM is a route optimization software specifically developed for the cash logistics industry. It takes into account the special requirements of the industry, such as insurance limits, vehicle capacity, maximum route duration and driving time, opening hours, etc., and calculates the cost optimal route. Using CashPilot®CIT and CashPilot®OSM together offers a monitoring of planned versus actual tour performance.

Not the shortest nor the quickest route but the most efficient one is what makes the real difference.

The planner can visualize and has access to vehicles, ATMs, branches, customers, and other defined points of service on a responsive map. This gives the planner a clear overview and keeps him informed as new orders arrive.

Map data originate from the Open-Source Project „OpenStreetMap“ and are free. That means there are not the usual expensive map licensing fees that apply to commercial geographical data companies. This fact makes purchase and operating of CashPilot®OSM an even better value for its price.

Efficiency boost
Quality boost
Profit boost