ATM Cash Management

CashPilot®ATM: The 360° Cash Management Software

CashPilot®ATM is an ATM cash management software used to forecast optimal cash demand and replenishment data and to calculate cost optimization with monitoring, first- and second-level maintenance ticketing capabilities.

CashPilot®ATM can handle ATM cash management and cost optimization for all machine types from ATMs to CDMs to CRS and proves to fuel the bottom-line, saving time and boosting efficiency almost instantly after its launch.

CashPilot®ATM can save you up to 30% of your ATM operation costs through the cost optimization and forecasting model it uses. The core of this ATM cash management software is an advanced forecast and cost optimisation algorithm that relies upon multiple forecasting and cost optimization models. This unique algorithm uses various components such as current stock, seasonality, events, and holidays to make its calculations. It considers fluctuations that do not reoccur seasonally or periodically, and it takes into account insurance requirements, incidents, available transport resources, and cost components. It has one of the highest predictive accuracies in the industry.

Solve challenges of operational ATM cash management:

  • Cost Reduction (transport, stocks, cash, handling, administration, and management)
  • Increase of cash and cash machine availability
  • Higher efficiency for replenishment, reconciliation, monitoring, and service engineer coordination
  • Higher employee and customer satisfaction
  • Traceability

Not only the use of new cash machines, such as recyclers and smart safes, but also the growing tendency to locate automated teller machines closer to the customer – away from the bank foyer and into shopping malls, petrol stations and supermarkets – calls for a reorganisation of existing cash logistics procedures to reduce the cost of the entire cash supply chain, while at the same time securing cash availability.

Efficiency Boost
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